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The Alien Corps is an exciting sci-fi action-filled story about the search for a reincarnated Jesus on a distant planet sixteen light years from home. The Earth in 2179AD has advanced socially and technologically and is now part of a galactic-wide alliance. Prosperine is a medieval undeveloped world steeped in political intrigue but it owns valuable and rare assets sought by other species. An elite group of investigators from Earth journey to the planet and what they find there is truly amazing.

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God in Science Fiction

Centuries before Christianity, people believed in the existence of a supreme being. The earliest reference to "God" appears in an inscription dated from the 9th century BCE on a stone monument called the Mesha Stele originally located in Palestine (now in the Louvre).

Homer - greatest literary artist?

Homer is presumed to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey,  around the 9th century BCE. This would have been one of the first literary works ever produced (if not the earliest.) Before that, oral traditions predominated. Many ancient civilizations believed in gods and goddesses. Some of the first stories I read about gods were Greek Gods and Heroes, the likes of Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Hercules, Jason (and the Golden Fleece), Achilles, Helen of Troy, Pegasus, the winged horse, etc.

In today's world, belief in the one God has become unfashionable, although many Gods appear in Scifi stories.  It's incredible to see how these legends have lasted through the centuries and were commemorated in the naming and the legends of the constellations, as well as the names of ships (Poseidon) and spacecraft (Apollo, Artemis). All the planets were named after Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses.

So, imagine if...

  • An ancient prophecy was discovered that said the Son of God would be found on a distant planet.
  • The Vatican proclaims the prophecy to be a true account of something Jesus said. 
  • Then suppose a hundred years later, an Alien was discovered working miracles on a distant planet sixteen light years from Earth. What would you believe? Read on...

The year is 2179 AD - 150 Years from now

Lieutenant Hickory Lace and her crew of adventurers in the Alien Corps are sent to the newly discovered planet Prosperine to investigate a local miracle worker. This alien messiah could be the key to an ancient prophecy that foreshadows the end of humanity.

Hickory becomes immersed in the treacherous politics of this alien world where predatory plants and savage creatures abound. To add to her difficulties, the planet is set to explode into civil war! Prosperine will be plunged into a new dark age if the rebel army succeeds.

Earth must secure access to a rare ore found on the planet. The compound is a vital catalyst for the faster-than-light Surfboard technology critical to the Galactic Alliance's space fleet.

To succeed in her mission, Hickory must embrace the empathic gifts she was born with. Only then can she hope to stop the rebellion, discover the truth about the alien messiah, and decide whether he is a fraud or perhaps the very one the Alien Corps has been hoping to find for so long.

"From characters to plots, subplots, and fantasy world-building, Mr McDermott leaves the reader with a real sense of reality. This talent, coupled with his breadth of historical facts, science, and technology all come into play in building the universe in which heroine Hickory Lace (what a cool name) and the entire supporting cast must live, work--survive or die."

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The tale of a girl with awesome power...

Science Fiction on a distant planet

Hickory Lace is the 21-year-old heroine of the Science Fiction Series, Prosperine. When the series begins, he has been relegated to a desk job after her first mission for the Alien Corps ended in disaster. When she gets the chance to redeem her reputation, she grabs it with both hands. The Galactic Alliance has asked the Corps to help them deal with a political disturbance on the strategic planet Prosperine that could explode into a bloody civil war. They believe Hickory’s empathic abilities will be invaluable in negotiating peace. The Corps agrees to release her on condition she is allowed to investigate an alien of interest to them—Kar-Sèr-Sephiryth, known to his followers as the Teacher. Could he be the one the Alien Corps has searched a hundred years to find? If Hickory fails this time, not only might the Alliance lose its ability for faster-than-light travel, but the entire human race may be in peril.

Inside The Alien Corps

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The Characters

Hickory Lace is twenty-one, single, and a lecturer at the Saint Philip Research Academy in Rome, planet Earth. Born of an Italian mother and Irish-American father, she has inherited some of the traits of both cultures: feisty, straight-talking, and passionate.

Jess Parker doesn't look like a 38-year-old widow with two grown children, but she is! She met Hickory while studying at University and, despite the age difference, the two have become firm friends ever since. Jess is also an experimental jet pilot and is qualified to fly just about anything!

Gareth Blanquet is a twenty-year-old maxima cum laude graduate who joined the Alien Corps to continue his research into space propulsion systems. He is an expert in the latest Lightwave “surfing” technology. Gareth is a rookie when it comes to girls. He has a mild crush on Hickory, which she tolerates but doesn't encourage.

Commander in the Alien Corps

Hickory Lace

Spaceship pilot and Hickory's Number One

Jess Parker

Genius expert on faster-than-light technology

Gareth Blanquette

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Creator of the strange world of Prosperine

Me in Karumba, Queensland

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Hi, I'm PJ McDermott.

It's great to see you!

Yep. That's me there on the left or above, or on the right - depending on what device you're using! At the time the pic was taken, I was living in Far North Queensland, where I wrote the fourth novel in the Prosperine Series - Fractured Prophecy. These days, I live in Torquay, Victoria, close to the main surf beach with my wife, Sue. I have two daughters, and three incredibly bright grandchildren.

I grew up in a completely different environment in Bonnie Scotland (It was a LOT colder) reveling in the genius of Asimov, Herbert, and Niven, and I am amazed that others are reading my books!

I'm working on the fifth part of Prosperine now and hope to publish it later this year, so keep a lookout. Make sure you subscribe to the this page to get the news first!

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it. I put it together especially for fans of Hickory, Jess, and Gareth - the Alien Corps. Feel free to drop me a line. I promise I'll respond as quickly as I can.

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Chapter 01

Exciting sci-fi action on a distant planet.

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Aquarius IV 2176

The snatchers were two-hours ahead, but Hickory could still sense them, albeit faintly. Without her empathic skills, she could never hope to track them down.

The Corps Commander had sent an alert on the kidnapping attempt earlier, but Hickory didn't hear it. She'd turned off her SIM implant during the argument with Jacob. The last thing she'd wanted was to air their breakup in public. By the time she'd reconnected, the religious fanatics had made their move.

Hickory’s heart leaped at the thought of failure. She and Jacob were finished, true, but their brief liaison might yet result in a permanent scar. She glanced at her ex-lover, running parallel and about twenty meters distant from her, and gritted her teeth. Two-timing jerk.

Perspiration trickled down Hickory’s face, and tiny flies swarmed in front of her eyes whenever she paused to take a breath. Their teeth were like needles and the mites carried a host of exotic diseases endemic to Aquarius IV. Frantically, she batted at them, but they persisted, nipping at her exposed skin. Even though she'd been inoculated before her arrival, it didn't prevent the insects from leaving a small itchy swelling with every bite. This only made her mood, already dark, even blacker.

The space pilot Jess Parker loped over to her. “Any sign of them?” she asked, her eyes flicking across the terrain ahead.

“There’s been no movement for the last half hour or so—I think the snatchers may have stopped for the night. They’re about ten miles north of us.” Hickory panted as she spoke. Too much Tequila.

She'd spent a wild month carousing with Jacob in the bars and taverns of the planet’s spaceport. Besotted though she was, she didn't entirely neglect her responsibilities in the investigation of the alien mystic, Crxtor Aliaq. She'd deduced at their first meeting that he wasn't the one they were looking for. Aliaq was a miracle worker alright, but of the sorcerer kind—party tricks and stage magic—no spiritual side to him at all, just fakery.

Another failure for the Alien Corps to add to their growing list. Really, is there any point in continuing the search? Hickory shook her head, but it was hard to ignore the facts. Philip’s manuscript had been discovered nearly a century before and certified as genuine by every new release of PORO over the last twenty years. The Proto-sentient Objective Reasoning Organism linked artificial intelligence with human minds. It had solved many problems considered impossible, including the universal cure for disease, the “immortality” pill, and interstellar travel.

PORO had startled the world with its conclusion that Philip’s manuscript was written by an eyewitness to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. When the scroll’s message was released to the public, it was the catalyst for world war three*.

The manuscript provided new insights to the events preceding the end of days. It prophesied the Lords of Light would raise a vast armada on other worlds in the universe and lead them to earth, where they would join in the final battle against the forces of evil.

Another interpretation of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, thought Hickory. Even scarier because of the reference to extraterrestrials at a time when such a thing couldn't possibly be imagined.

When the war ended, the Alien Corps was formed to search for signs of the Lords of Light on inhabited planets. The Vatican argued that finding just one would provide them with a direct link to the Father. A plea to the creator seemed the only hope of preventing the end of all existence.

Hickory shook her head at the arrogance of the cardinals who had conceived of such a thing.

Over the years, the Corps discovered many would-be messiahs, but all had been proven false. Crxtor Aliaq of Aquarius IV was the latest.

Jess broke into Hickory’s thoughts. “Let’s hope the snatchers stay there for a while. If we don't catch up with them soon, my legs are going to fall off. I don't suppose it'll matter because there won't be much left of me by the time these flies get done.”

Jess complained, but Hickory could sense no lessening of effort from her, and she wasn't surprised. She’d known Jess since they’d studied together at Rome University, and they’d been firm friends ever since. Hickory managed a grin despite her mood, then forced her legs to move faster.

Two hours later, their mission abruptly ended. They found Crxtor Aliaq stripped naked, his arms and legs staked to the ground, and his eyes milky-white in death.

Jacob knelt to examine the body and raised an eyebrow at Hickory. “How are we going to explain this? We're looking at the end of our careers right here.”

Hickory bent over, hands on knees, and retched.

*As told in Born of Fire, the Prequel to the Prosperine Series.

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The main character Hickory Lace is a awesome character with real issues, and faults - she is not a ‘super woman’. Her relationship with her father and her deep conflictions about her job was a continuous underlying thread and helped shaped her motivations throughout the story. All of the characters had their own agenda’s, wounds and motivations. I wanted to hear their story.


The Alien Corps is a fascinating and thought-provoking story that mixes adventure, and exotic locations and is filled with believable characters that I wanted to know more about. After reading the first part of the trilogy I am looking forward to more adventure when the second part is released.
This is an exciting and riveting science fiction adventure.

sonyboy 39 (UK)

I feel this is one of the best reads I've had in a long while. I am looking forward to the next in the series. Excellent characters and a great plot.

Kindle 2 (USA)

Delightfully well-written, totally intriguing tale. A thoroughly absorbing story of an encounter with a technologically less advanced race, whom I found extremely fascinating. Alien humanoids of avian descent, who wouldn't be intrigued?
The characters are very well developed, some charming, some downright nasty, but all enjoyable to meet.

mandy walkden brown (aus)

The Alien Corps

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The snatchers were two-hours ahead, but Hickory could still sense them, albeit faintly. Without her empathic skills, she could never hope to track them down.

 The Corps Commander had sent an alert on the kidnapping attempt earlier, but Hickory had turned off her SIM implant during the argument with Jacob.

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